Window Replacement Newmarket

window replacement for new homeowners and happy couple.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Windows make up a large portion of our homes, yet they are often the last thing we focus on maintaining. It is very important to make sure that you pay attention to the health of your windows and that when the time comes for a window replacement you don’t put it off.  Window quality affects the safety, health and happiness of every resident in Newmarket!

Rising Utility Bills

Have you noticed your utility bills skyrocketing? Don’t assume it is just a result of rising energy prices. When your windows are no longer working effectively, drafts and condensation can creep into your home causing your heating and cooling systems to work harder. At Thermo-Bilt we want to help you save money on your utility bills, and in Newmarket window replacement is the best way to fight the rising monthly fees of utility bills!

Single Paned

If you live in an old home where the windows have not been replaced for many years it is likely that they are single pane windows. If you still have single-paned windows this is a sign you should consider a window replacement.

Most window replacements in Newmarket are now double-paned making them thicker and harder to break. Not only do double-pane windows make your house safer, the thicker glass also works to more effectively insulate your home for warmth and soundproofing.


Condensation frequently forming on the inside of your windows is another sign that it may be time for a window replacement. The condensation is a sure sign that your windows are no longer seal-tight and are therefore allowing for leaks and moisture build up.

Window Choices

Window replacement in Newmarket can be an exciting time! There are so many fantastic options to choose from. Browse our types of windows to explore the variety of models we have at Thermo-Bilt. From bay windows to sliding (versus awning or casement); there are many options to consider for all preferences and needs!

Why Thermo-Bilt?

If you have decided you are ready for a window replacement in Newmarket — Thermo-Bilt is a perfect choice! Our highly skilled and qualified staff offer professional advice, customized planning and top-quality installment. We work to meet all your needs such as; saving money, protecting your family, enhancing environmental responsibility, beautifying your home, improving your health and providing you with the most advanced technology.  

Looking for a quote? Want to explore your options? Contact us and speak to one of our window experts.