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How To Choose Replacement Windows

So you decided to replace your windows! Thermo-Bilt Windows has almost two decades of experience with replacement windows in Toronto. Before every job our experts will meet with you to discuss the best windows for your home and design. Prior to our initial conversation, in order to work together to find the best window replacement Toronto has to offer we ensure that your needs and concerns are covered.

Climate Controlled Windows

Make sure your window replacement matches the climate in Toronto. Specific windows fair better than others in the cold, and choosing the right style will keep your home warm and energy efficient.  

Performance, Not Price

Not all windows are created equal, and not all windows are good value for money. Some windows will outperform others that cost more, so when considering window replacement in Toronto it’s important to research products in different price ranges.

Consider Why You Are Replacing Your Windows

The windows you choose will be largely determined by why you need (or want) to replace them. For Torontonians, window replacement might be different depending on whether you’re replacing windows in an old home or a new home. In any case, your window replacement in Toronto will be a balance between aesthetic and efficiency. So it’s good to have an idea of what your primary concern will be, and how that will change your budget.

Are You Going for a New Look?

You can use a necessary window replacement as an opportunity to invest in your home. Window replacement is a chance to make your home competitive in Toronto’s housing market by upgrading to a more unique and desirable style.

Choosing a Window Style

This of course depends on the existing windows in your home, the style of your neighbourhood, and most importantly your personal preference. Here is a quick guide to a few window replacement options Toronto homeowners may consider:
  • Sliding windows require little maintenance, and are a more affordable option. Their ability to add some ventilation to a room makes them a window replacement for Toronto summers
  • Casement windows offer an unobstructed view and contemporary style. They are taller than they are wide and open like doors, so they provide excellent ventilation
  • Double Hung windows have a more traditional look and slide up and down. Modern versions of this style replace the old pulley system with a spring mounted mechanism
  • Bay windows fit well in modern and older homes, adding space and light to any room, while providing a great view. Bay windows can also give you space to lounge, eat breakfast, or read a book
  • Bow windows are very similar to bay windows, but have four panels instead of three. They too offer more space and great views.
When choosing window replacement in Toronto, it’s important to consider the aesthetic of your home and your neighbourhood. At Thermo-Bilt, we give you the opportunity to make your home more energy efficient which will add value as a long term real estate investment. Contact us today for a FREE quote!
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Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors, Toronto’s Leading Window and Door Company, Announces Top Tips for Making Homes More Environmentally Friendly This Winter

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), February 7, 2014 – Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors (, the Greater Toronto Area’s leading provider of custom window and door replacement, announces its top tips for making homes more environmentally friendly and cozy this winter. “It’s easy to be more environmentally conscious around the house in the summertime, like opening windows instead of running the air conditioner. But during the cold, dark days of winter, it can be more difficult,” says Adrian Biberberg, co-owner and founder of Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors. “This winter has been more difficult than most; the temperatures have been below average for weeks on end and the cold weather isn’t expected to break until spring. On top of that, electricity prices went up three percent back in November and are expected to rise 33% over the next three years.” According to Biberberg, an eco-friendly home in the Greater Toronto Area starts with the most energy-efficient windows and doors. Only windows and doors that qualify for the ”ENERGY STAR” mark have been independently tested and certified to be among the most energy-efficient on the market and are best-suited to stand up against the harsh Ontario winters. They are also the best way to reduce overall home energy costs. “Sophisticated thermal performance windows reduce the energy transfer between the inside and outside of the home,” Biberberg explains. “They help keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.” In addition to making the front of a home more impressive, he notes, a new exterior door will often fit and insulate better than an older one. A home’s front door can be a major source of both air leakage and wasted energy through conduction, especially if it is old, uninsulated, and/or improperly installed. “Whether it’s for an existing or newly built home, it’s important to install the most energy-efficient doors and windows possible,” Biberberg adds. “In addition to increasing comfort, energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce outside noise levels. On top of that, windows applied with a low-emissivity coating have been shown to reduce energy loss by as much as 30% to 50%.” Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors is the leading window and door replacement provider in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. The company carries a complete line of windows, including casement windows, bow windows, bay windows, single- and double-hung windows, single and double sliders, awning windows, and vinyl windows. Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors’ wide range of window and door styles are designed to suit any home and budget. Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors serves the GTA, including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, and Aurora. To learn more about Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors, visit the company’s web site at or call 1-877-727-2458.
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