Slider Windows Aurora

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What are Slider Windows?

Slider windows open by sliding across a window frame. They are one of the most commonly seen styles of windows because of their classic look and convenience. Aurora slider windows can open to the left or right, or up and down, depending on the style of window and space you’re working with.

Choosing Between Single Slider & Double Slider Windows

There are two types of slider windows: single sliding windows and double sliding windows. As the names suggest, the main difference between the two styles is that single windows open on one track while double sliding windows have the ability to open both sashes. Both types of windows are great choices, however, the double slider window allows for more light and air to enter the home.

Features and Benefits

Slider windows are known for being stylish, secure, practical, and cost-effective. This is what makes them one of the most popular choices for Canadian homeowners. Their features and benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Easy operation: slider windows are easier to open and close than a crank style window, especially for anyone with arthritis or joint issues.
  • Custom sizes: they are available in a variety of sizes making them convenient for rooms with only one window.
  • Ventilation: since they’re easy to open, slider windows are a great choice in rooms where you like to leave the window open to allow for more fresh air to enter your home.
  • Safety: they have a high degree of safety as they can be locked securely from the inside to protect your home from intruders.
  • Durability: slider windows are made from high-quality PVC vinyl material, making them highly durable. These windows provide a great return on investment (ROI) because they’ll last for years.
  • Design options: the windows work well with a wide variety of window coverings, which means they’ll fit nicely with your existing curtains, blinds or roller shades.

Slider Windows in Aurora

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