Single Hung Windows

Single windows have been one of the most popular styles of windows in Canadian homes, including the Greater Toronto Area for decades. The reason that this window is so popular is that not only is affordable, but it is also great for all of your home needs. It is durable and sealed so that it keeps drafts from entering into the home, and also stops energy from leaking out. However, if you want to open it up to allow the breeze in, then it still opens halfway to allow for an optimal mix of breeze and protection.

This traditional look for single hung windows is a perfect match for small rooms next to walkways, patios or porches because they open without taking much space. The bottom sash of single hung window slides upward and the top sash is fixed. This is a great solution for ventilation and usually used in bedrooms, bathrooms and many other rooms where ventilation is crucial.

We always look to provide the highest level of quality and security, and with single-hung windows, you get both. Call us or contact us on the web today to see how great your home would look with a new set.

Single Hung Windows Replacement and Installation
  • Triple-sealed units offer better thermal efficiency
  • Snap-in glazing inside your home for added security
  • Architectural contoured mouldings throughout


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