Residential Window Replacement in Newmarket

Whether you’ve bought a house, want to resell, or just want to invest in your property consider residential window replacement for your home! When you replace your residential windows in Newmarket you’re adding more value, architectural design, and energy efficiency to your home.

Here are our top residential window styles you should install for your home:


Top Residential Windows to Consider

  • Casement Windows: these windows open wide and close easily with a crank. They let in ample sun and breeze at your control. You can enjoy plenty of flexibility and design as its fully configured for any room or space.  
  • Awning Windows: this window is hinged at the top of frame and can be opened outward. They are a great choice for rooms that need extra ventilation like small bedrooms, including kitchens, basements or lofts. 
  • Single Hung Windows: for optimal air quality this window is perfect. It’s highly durable and sealed to prevent drafts from entering the home. It opens by lifting upwards into different placements. These are great for small rooms, walkways, patios or porches. 
  • Slider Windows: One of the more popular windows in Canadian homes. You can control ventilation from a small crack to a full opening (half of the window.   They open easily by sliding one sash on single slider or two sashes on a double slider. 
  • Bow Windows: these windows add graceful curves to your home for a more classy style. They have four glass plates joined together at equal angles. Perfect for living rooms and master bedrooms.

Residential Window Replacement in Newmarket

Give your home a makeover with new windows! At Thermo-Bilt, we offer top quality residential window replacement in Newmarket. We are proud to offer ENERGY STAR® certified on our residential windows that come in a variety of styles and finishes. This way you can increase the energy efficiency of your home and save money on heating and cooling costs. We also offer dual glazed and triple glazed window options. Our team of dedicated, skilled professionals are experts in residential window installation in Newmarket.

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