Replacement Windows and Doors

Replacing old windows and doors within your home with new modern glass units and can save energy, reduce heating costs, and add tremendous value and curb appeal to your property. Created to comply with increasingly sophisticated installation procedures, and in accordance with the high standards set by modern windown manufacturers, Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors now offers a turn-key window replacement service facilitated by industry experts that will do all the heavy lifting and make sure everything is perfect for one low price. Your new windows should make your home look better to the world, and the world look better from your home. But you need more than good looks and good views; you need windows that will change your life.


Why Select Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors for your windows replacement needs

savemoney-imgSave Money, use less energy and qualify for Government of Canada ecoGRANTs – and make your windows easier to own with a variety of financing options from Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors.
protect_yourfamilyProtect Your Family with the security of F-10 (no forced entry) rated window locks
bemoreresponsible-imgBe More Environmentally Responsible with insulated windows that make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer
protect_yourselfProtect Yourself with a lifetime window warranty
beautiful_homeBeautify Your Home with colour and design options that complement any décor, inside and out
protect_yourfamilyStay Healthier with windows and doors that keep harmful pollutants outside your home
dolessworkAdvanced Technology Why settle for ordinary glass? Your Thermo-Bilt windows are fitted with feature-rich glass of remarkable quality and durability.  
  • Extreme Low-e RatingSummer or winter, exceptional LoE2 rated glass keeps your home comfortable
  • Coated for Superior PerformanceDo less work with windows almost clean themselves and provide give your home better insulation
  • Keep the View and Protect Your HomeBlocks furniture-fading UV rays, but with glass is so clear, you’ll think you left the windows open


Window replacement and installation from Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors will help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by adding both modern contemporary looks at the same time. When we design new windows for your home, it is always good to consider the interior and exterior design of your home as well as your gardening style to best suit new windows with the rest of the home.

Our highly professional team will make it easy for you to get exactly what you want. The window replacement process begins with a free no obligation consultation where we listen to your design ideas, and inspect the existing windows and doors that you have. Afterwards our trained professionals will make suggestions, and provide a free estimate for the replacement of your windows and doors.


Our professional windows installers will expertly set your windows into place, and will keep disruptions to a minimum.

Types of Windows

Casement Windows Replacement Single Hung Windows Replacement Double Hung Windows Replacement Awning Windows Replacement
Single Slider Windows Replacement Double Slider Windows Replacement Bay Windows Replacement Bow Windows Replacement


Below is the primary process for window and door replacement that Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors engage in. Though we follow an industry standard process, we encourage both workers and customers to think outside the box, and maintain a high level of flexibility to meet unique customizations. Your home is unique, and we will stop at nothing to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Initial Discussion with the customer
  • Pre-installation inspection and measurements
  • Proposal
  • Agreement with customer
  • Delivery
  • Removal and disposal of old windows
  • Clean-up and debris removal
  • Final inspection

Get started today with a no obligation, in-home consultation for your windows replacement and installation needs. Call Thermo-Bilt at 1-877-727-2458 (BILT) or click here – it’s easier than you think!