Fiberglass Doors Replacement and Installation

The look of wood without the worry, fiberglass doors are a perfect compromise between aesthetic, durability and safety. By providing the beauty that a wood door gives homeowners, fiberglass offers the strength of steel and will not dent, rust, warp, split or crack like wood doors will. This is particularly important in our Canadian climate with extreme hot and cold temperatures – fiberglass won’t split, shrink or swell depending on their age or environment. In addition, our doors have a polyurethane foam core to provide insulation that’s seven times better than that of a wood door.

Our collection of fiberglass doors are moulded with real wood grain to keep their wood-like beauty for years to come. With doors in traditional, contemporary and Victorian styles to choose from, fiberglass is a great option for any style home.
Fiberglass doors are not only beautiful, but long lasting and low maintenance. For an affordable, practical alternative to wood doors, contact Thermo-Bilt today for a free quote.

Wood Entry Doors Replacement and Installation
  • Looks like wood, acts like steel
  • Stands up to Canadian seasons
  • 7 x better insulation than wood doors
  • Available in traditional, contemporary and Victorian styles to suit your home
  • Custom colours and designs to suit your home and choice


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