Energy Efficient Windows Pickering

Energy efficient windows woman keeping warm.

Energy efficient windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice among our customers in Pickering. This is largely due to the growing environmental movement and the desire to economize on energy costs.

If you are considering having new windows installed in your home, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider opting for energy efficient windows:

Save on your energy bills

The advantages of energy efficient windows are pretty obvious from a cost reduction perspective. They can help keep the temperature in your home optimal all year round by providing superior insulation, which means you will save substantially on your energy bills over time.

Reduced condensation

High quality energy efficient windows help reduce condensation buildup by maintaining a warmer interior glass temperature.

Prevents drafts and uneven heating

When the glass of a window is cold, it tends to cool the surrounding air and create a downward draft. Furthermore, direct sunlight can easily filter through windows that are not energy efficient and overheat areas in your home.

Creates a brighter living space

Good quality, energy efficient windows can allow sufficient light in to brighten up your home while keeping the heat out.

Many of our customers ask us what particular components determine the energy efficiency of a window. Your window frames play a key role in determining energy efficiency. While metal and aluminium frames tend to be relatively inexpensive and resilient, they conduct heat fairly quickly and thus, are not a good fit when it comes to insulation.

On the other hand, wood frames have good insulating capabilities but require regular maintenance as they are less resilient to weather changes. Vinyl and fibreglass frames tend to rank highest when it comes to energy efficiency, due to their hollow cavities which can be filled with insulation. Also, it’s important to remember that although not all double-paned windows are energy efficient, the general rule follows that multi-paned windows will score higher on the energy efficiency scale.

Energy Efficient Windows in Pickering

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