Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows are very similar to their Single Hung Windowscousins in that they offer a great combination of both energy-saving design and maximum comfort, but they differ in that both sashes of the window move fully up or down. This is another great traditional window style in Canadian homes, and could very well be the most popular.

Double-hung Windows offer more ventilation than single-hung windows because both the top and bottom sashes can open half way. Within Canadian homes, they are used where ventilation is necessary, and you want to allow in sunlight, but don’t necessarily have enough space. Not only do they allow for a combination of safety, comfort, and ventilation, they look great both inside and outside.

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Single Hung Windows Replacement and Installation
  • Triple-sealed units offer better thermal efficiency
  • Snap-in glazing inside your home for added security
  • Architectural contoured mouldings throughout
  • Features Cardinal IG, the highest rated glass system
  • CSA rated
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


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