Discount Windows in Newmarket

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Improve Your Home

Windows and doors add to the visual appeal and design to your home’s structure. Being the first thing people see when visiting your home, you want to set a great first impression! You wouldn’t want to invite your family and friends over with scratched up doors and defective windows. Be proud to show off your home with help from Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors.

We specialize in window replacement and installation services, as well as the planning and design process. No matter how unique the home, you can find a window design that fits your aesthetic with our custom options.

Window Options

Whether that’s replacing an old window, or finding a new window design for your home, we have a number of window options to choose. We offer casement, single hung, double hung, awning, single slider, double slider, bay and bow windows. Each type of window is ideal for different rooms, whether your purpose is to bring more light into a room or to be able to fully open it outwards to  let fresh air in.

Home Renovations

Home renovations can be a daunting process due to the construction and cost but it doesn’t have to be because we offer discount windows in Newmarket. Discount windows are available when you fill out a free quote! You’ll see the savings when you choose Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors for your home renovation services.

Discount Windows

Discounted prices don’t mean discounted quality. Our windows maintain the same high quality status, while are our prices are competitive and affordable to our customers. All of our windows are made with advanced technology and extremely low-e ratings. They are coated for superior performance and added protection to your home. You can save money with discount windows in Newmarket while adding a new view to your home. Use even less energy, when you request a Government of Canada ecoGRANT! This grant allows you to save more money in the long run as you continue to demonstrate your home is energy efficient.

Discount windows in Newmarket is your key to home renovations, they’ll help you achieve your dream home without emptying your pockets. Look through our window products and contact us to discuss your design ideas!

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