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by Jack on Thermo-bilt
Installed 20 windows and 2 doors

My Experience was great! The professionalism amongst all members of the installation team was exceptional. Robert our salesman was very helpful as well. He guided us throughout the process, making the project (beginning to end) a breeze. Thanks again guys! - Jack

by Ved on Thermo-bilt
Window Installation

They did 5 windows for me last summer and I want to do another 2-3 this coming summer so I’m hoping to talk to the guy I spoke to last time. The only slight problem I had was they left the garbage (I can't remember the technical term for what it was) on the side, but the next day they came and picked it up without my even needing to remind them. They’re really the best! I had done my patio door with another company and overall Thermo Bilt (especially Steve, the man who was in charge of the job) was the best contractor.

by Heather on Thermo-bilt

We've used ThermoBilt twice now to install different windows. My husband found them initially in an online search and we compared prices with other companies. The first time we used them was two years ago and after that we knew they did a good job so we didn't have to compare them with any other companies. They've done a great job!

by Melisa on Thermo-bilt
Window installation

They replaced my basement windows after I found their name in one of those flyers that have listings of renovation companies. I compared them to other companies and they had the same prices. The only problem I had with them was that they kept the stickers on the windows and I had to reach to take them off afterwards.

by Prakash on Thermo-bilt
Installation of a Patio door and windows

I've used ThermoBilt on two occasions now. They've changed my Patio door and installed windows in my entire house. I found them through a flyer but I compared prices with another company and their pricing was reasonable. They have friendly customer service (the rep was Danny Agnew), are on time, professional, and do an excellent job. When i used them the second time they gave me the same price as the first time I had used them. I will highly recommend them.

by Kirby on Thermo-bilt
Sliding glass door installation

I used their service to install sliding glass doors in my home in the summer of 2012. I was very pleased with their level of service and the price point was comparable, if not cheaper than other companies. They did leave some dust on the floors but otherwise I would recommend them.

by Ken on Thermo-bilt
5 Windows

Thermo-Bilt did five windows in my house and did a good job. I found out about them through a neighborhood flyer, they came in and did and estimate and did the job for exactly what they quoted, cleaning up well in the process. It was like they were never here.

by Gwen on Thermo-bilt
Installed Lots of Windows

Installed Lots of Windows

I've used Thermo-Bilt on both my old and new homes. I continue to use them for many reasons. I like that when I order something from them I get it exactly as ordered, their prices are competitive, their installers are great and that they finish the job within a reasonable time-frame. Also, recently we were missing weather-stripping on one of the jobs they did which they are fixing up for us, no problem.

by Juman on Thermo-bilt
Patio Door

I contacted Thermo-Bilt upon deciding to replace the patio door in my home and am very happy with the work that they did. I've had no problems with them or their work at all, their company is very efficient.

by Brian on Thermo-bilt
4 Windows

We had a pamphlet from Thermo-Bilt delivered to our home and decided to give them a shot when replacing 4 windows. I'm glad we did as they did a very good job. The final price was as estimated, there were no problems whatsoever with their work and they were professional all the way through.

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