Bow Windows Replacement and Installation

Like the name says, bow windows add graceful curves to your home. They are very similar to a bay window, but the difference is that bow windows have four more glass plates joined together at equal angles. The graceful curves that they add to your home give it a sense of class and style that isn’t offered by most other models. As with bay windows, bows are also the perfect complement to any traditional or modern Canadian home, especially their living rooms or master bedroom.

Stylish and practical, with solid construction and new ventilation options, this product is best served being front and centre on your home. Not only does it give a great view from the inside, it provides a strikingly beautiful look from the outside. No other model combines the grace, style, and performance of a bow window. Extra space, better lighting, and superior ventilation make this style one of our most popular.

If you want to add some beauty to the outside of your home, then you should consider bow windows. Our team of experts can come out and inspect your home any time. We offer no obligation consultations so that we can determine what will go best with what you have.

Bow Windows Replacement and Installation
  • Architectural contoured mouldings throughout
  • Tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning from inside your home
  • Extra security cam lock and keeper


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