Bay Window Replacement Markham

Bay window with summer view

Why Install Bay Windows

If your home is hasn’t been renovated or updated in a long time, your windows might be overdue for a new window replacements. Bay windows are a great choice for home buyers that want to add better windows and a little more to appeal to their home.

Here’s our list of the top reasons you should install bay windows in your Markham home:

  • More light. Bay windows are a the perfect choice to bring more light into a room. The window projects outward with 3 paned angles which allows for more light entry points and unobstructed views.


  • Additional space.  Installing bay windows opens your space up for more room, so you can add decorative objects, seating, entertaining and more. This is a great option if you want to make your room feel larger.


  • Add character. Unlike flat windows, this types of window adds more architecture and aesthetic appeal to your home. Bay windows draw attention and enhance your curb appeal that will make a positive and lasting  first impression.

Bay Window Replacement in Markham

If you’re thinking of installing  bay windows, make sure you’re getting the best quality windows and professional service. At Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors, we are a fully licensed company with top recognition for window installations in Markham. When you choose Thermo-Bilt for your bay window replacement you receive the following:

  • Water Damage Protection. Our bay windows are supplemented with a patented scupper system to prevent any water or moisture from entering into the window frames. Additionally, we use window coatings to prevent water from penetrating into your home.
  • Energy Efficiency. We are proud to offer ENERGY STAR® high-efficiency window products in Markham. The certified label ensures its the best energy performer on the market. Our bay windows have sealed insulation that enhances thermal performance, with energy star efficient glass to keep UV rays out.
  • Long Term Warranty. Our professional team will ensure your new bay windows in Markham are installed efficiently and correctly based on industry standards. We are confident in our work, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on entire windows, glass, vinyl and labor.
  • Trusted & Professional Service. As members of S.A.W.D.A.C (Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada) we are a trusted company that meets the industry’s tough standards. When you choose a registered SAWDAC company, you’re choosing quality, professionalism and guaranteed workmanship.

Contact us or call 416-756-0798 for a FREE quote and home consultation for your bay window installation in Markham!