Awning Windows Replacement and Installation

Awning windows are a perfect choice for rooms that need extra ventilation, including your kitchen, basement or loft to let in both light and air. If you are more concerned about the performance of a window in terms of keeping in energy while still letting light in, but so concerned with the size or look of them, then awnings are your best bet. They allow for the maximum level of security with a tough, durable design, and minimal window or entry space.

An awning window is hinged at the top of window frame and can be opened outward. It needs some exterior space. However, it does not disturb other exterior elements due to its position in top of the wall. Awning windows are perfect accents to any home. As we said before, they are best served as basement windows to allow drafts to be kept out, but also not allow your home’s energy to escape. If you need extra ventilation in a kitchen, then installing a few at the top of the wall isn’t a bad idea either.

If you think that new awning windows would be a great addition to your home, then call us today or contact us on the web to learn more about our expert installation.

Awning Windows Replacement and Installation
  • Easy-to-clean sashes open a full 90°
  • Triple-sealed for the highest efficiency
  • Styled to suit your décor


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