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When Should You Consider an Awning Window?

An awning window is a window that opens on a hinge along the top of the frame. Using a crank, the window can be extended to open on an angle, allowing for ample amounts of light and ventilation to reach your home.

Awning windows are a classic look that’s a bright and cheery addition to any space. They work particularly well in areas like kitchens and living spaces where you want lots of light and a fresh breeze, but they’re also excellent choices for basements because they’re so secure. Awning windows can’t be opened from the outside because the crank is located inside the home.

Features and Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows offer several features and benefits, which is why they’re a strong choice for homeowners:

Increased Ventilation

Since awning windows are able to open quite wide, they are a great choice for a space that needs more ventilation.


Awning windows are the perfect choice for small or difficult spaces such as a kitchen, loft or basement that do not leave a lot of window space.


Awning windows are one of the most secure options as they lock firmly from the inside and leave no opportunity for intruders to open them from the outside since the crank is also located on the inside of the window.

Weather Resistant

Due to their tight seal, awning windows are a great choice for insulating your home during the cold winter months.

Energy Efficient

By providing natural ventilation for your home and using energy efficient glass, awning windows are a great choice when trying to reduce your utility expenses.


There are a wide variety of colour and stylistic options for awning windows to make them suit any home.


Awning windows offer a classic look that is timeless, making them a very cost effective option that will increase the value of your home.

Awning Windows in Scarborough

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